Common Funding Sources

  • Title I: digiCOACH qualifies for Title I funding as it enhances professional development for teachers, directly impacting the academic achievement of disadvantaged students. It includes strategies to support these students through resources that promote culturally relevant pedagogy, afterschool enrichment programs, and STEM and STEAM programs.

  • Title II: digiCOACH qualifies as it provides ongoing professional development and formative coaching for teachers and principals, aligning with Title II's goal of improving teacher and principal quality

  • Title III: digiCOACH qualifies for Title III funding as it incorporates researched-based instructional strategies specifically designed to support English Language Learners (ELL). The platform offers immediate feedback systems and teaching strategies that are proven to enhance English language acquisition and academic achievement for ELL students. By integrating these ELL-focused strategies into its framework, digiCOACH aligns with Title III's objectives to improve the education of English learners by assisting them to achieve English proficiency and meet state academic standards.

  • Title IV, Part A: digiCOACH qualifies for Title IV, Part A funding as it supports Social Emotional Wellness programs, which are integral components of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). By incorporating strategies and tools that promote social and emotional learning, digiCOACH contributes to creating safe and healthy learning environments and supports the well-rounded education of students. This alignment with the goals of fostering student safety, well-being, and academic achievement under Title IV, Part A, makes digiCOACH a suitable tool for schools and districts seeking to enhance their educational offerings in these critical areas.

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) digiCOACH may qualify for IDEA funding if it is utilized to support Special Education through our specific Special Education look-fors and coaching supports. By integrating strategies and tools tailored for students with disabilities, digiCOACH can enhance the educational experience and outcomes for this group, aligning with IDEA's objectives to provide appropriate special education and related services.

  • Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act digiCOACH qualifies for funding under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act through its College Prep and Career Pathways editions. The College Prep Edition is designed to prepare students for the academic challenges of college, emphasizing critical skills such as writing, inquiry, and collaboration. The Career Pathways Edition, developed in collaboration with specialized high schools, focuses on project-based learning in areas like Engineering, Health and Biological Sciences, and Arts and Entertainment, promoting technology use, conceptual reasoning, and work-based learning. These editions align with the Act's objectives to enhance the academic and technical skills of students, preparing them for high-demand careers in various industries, making digiCOACH a suitable tool for institutions seeking to improve career and technical education programs.

  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds digiCOACH qualifies for ESSER funding through its capabilities to enhance both in-person and remote learning environments. Its tools and strategies are designed to support academic achievement and social-emotional wellness, key areas of focus for ESSER funds aimed at addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on schools. By providing resources for effective teaching practices and supporting the well-being of students, digiCOACH aligns with the objectives of ESSER to ensure educational continuity and recovery.

Purchasing Rational

Collective teacher efficacy has been identified by John Hattie as one of the highest factors influencing student achievement. digiCOACH improves student academic outcomes and social/emotional wellness by providing efficacy-building mastery experiences to instructors that support individual and collective teacher efficacy.

Research shows that frequent informal observations have a positive and powerful impact on student growth and social/emotional wellness. digiCOACH guides administrators, coaches, and teachers through the observation process and focuses on high-yield strategies that are research-based, observable, objective, and coachable. With digiCOACH, instructional leaders provide feedback based on what students and the instructor are doing during lessons. digiCOACH includes hundreds of prewritten, research based, commendations and coaching tips available for use in the built-in feedback email feature which include practices that are designed to benefit student growth. These embedded researched-based instructional strategies inform teachers and offer suggestions for ways in which their instruction can be improved.

All collected walkthrough and coaching data is then made available in digiCOACH's powerful suite of reports to identify trends across school sites. digiCOACH reports help inform professional development decisions at the site level, and can be individualized down to the teacher level, ensuring all teachers receive the support they need to provide quality instruction to benefit the growth of all students. Site level observational and coaching data provides live data for discussion in professional learning communities and for growing collective teacher efficacy.

Elevating Education Together

Whether your organization's focus is on professional development, English language learning, social-emotional wellness, college and career readiness, or adapting to remote learning environments, digiCOACH offers tailored solutions that align with the objectives of numerous funding programs. Given its adaptability and the breadth of its features, many funding sources could apply, depending on the specific goals and needs of you program. For more detailed information on how digiCOACH can align with your funding opportunities and educational priorities, we encourage you to contact a digiCOACH team member.

Let's collaborate to elevate the educational experience for students everywhere. Join us in this mission to empower educators and students alike.

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