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For the past decade, digiCOACH has been changing schools worldwide, helping teachers with innovative support. We're dedicated to excellence in education and are here to support the next generation of learners.








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digiCOACH Classroom Instruction Edition

PreK-12 Classrooms

digiCOACH is an efficient tool for conducting frequent classroom walkthroughs and coaching teachers. Walkthroughs based on the latest educational research, tailored to school and district goals, help observers provide frequent feedback and inform important decisions regarding appropriate professional development and support. digiCOACH is utilized by both small and large districts, with Kansas City Kansas Public Schools having nearly 30K yearly walkthroughs and then expanding to add DEI, SIOP and AVID strategies to observe and add to their data sets.

Charter and Private Schools

digiCOACH is fully customizable and can give charter and parochial schools a tool that focuses on their particular missions and goals. Regardless of the promises or commitments of any particular school, digiCOACH and their experts will help develop an edition that can reflect and help grow both the staff and students. Excelsior Charter Schools have incorporated digiCOACH since 2017 by using, growing, changing, and revising their editions to support increased student achievement and pledges to school goals.

New Teacher Induction Programs

Districts and county office support providers are using digiCOACH to conduct observations and coach new teachers on their lessons, instruction, and subsequent student impact. This specialized feedback and coaching promotes innovation and growth through suggestions and highlighting of quality, research-based strategies. Growth over time is provided with frequent real-time feedback and new teachers receive enhanced support to begin their professional careers.

University Credentialing Programs

The digiCOACH Research Team, in partnership with California State University, San Bernardino: College of Education, has developed and implemented protocols and editions that support new teachers as they complete their student teaching or internship and become permanently placed into classrooms.

University support providers use digiCOACH to conduct observations and coach new teachers on their lesson construction and impactful implementation.

Federal and State Grants

With its fully customizable format, digiCOACH has been used to support many grant fundings and projects, such as the SIP Inclusion Grant, the CALI Reads Literacy Grant ( 5 year commitment) and LACOE/Lancaster Get Reading Right. Regardless of the nature of the work, digiCOACH can help monitor and observe the strategies embedded in the grant work. This helps promote the fidelity of the work and provides feedback to the practitioners to move the work forward and support student achievement.

Incarcerated Youth Facilities

digiCOACH is used to support educators and incarcerated youth in juvenile halls and long-term incarceration camps in Los Angeles County. California Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) high schools across the state also implemented digiCOACH prior to their closure.

As the app can work in an offline format, observation and data can be conducted in the facilities with restricted Wi-Fi. While the students might be transient, observers are supporting research-based strategies utilized by the teachers to help students’ educational journeys. The digiCOACH Team is proud to be used in supporting the work of teachers who are helping some of the neediest individuals in classrooms today.

County Offices, LEAs, and Other Organizations

With its fully customizable format, County Offices and School Districts are utilizing digiCOACH to help with leadership coaching, documenting the timelines of legal mandates around suspension, expulsion, discipline, and absenteeism, and the support for diversity, equity and inclusion mandates. As directors conduct sessions with their district partners, they document their conversations and suggestions with digiCOACH and utilize the coaching email feature to inform new and continuing feedback. Copious reports can be generated around the data collected to be shared with all stakeholders.

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