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Elevated Achievement Group

Overview of EAG

Elevated Achievement Group is an education consulting company that teaches all students how to own their learning. Research shows that in order for each and every learner to achieve at higher levels they must own their learning. We believe that learners can be taught to own their learning. We know this to be true because of our combined 50+ years of experience working with students, teachers, administrators, and parents across the nation. We deliver research-based professional learning services that best develop ownership for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. These supports ensure that academic achievement is elevated to the highest degree. We believe that whatever the learning environment—in a classroom, on-line, or at home--the most effective and efficient way to elevate academic achievement is to focus on developing student ownership.

Explore Elevated Achievement Group's website to learn more about their professional learning services.

Remote Learning Environments


The digiCOACH Research Team has developed new resources and editions to support schools as instruction makes the leap from classrooms to online environments as necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic. These resources are designed to support all educators during the transition and implementation of new learning practices. Designed to support a wide range of experience; teachers, administrators, and coaches who are brand new to the online environment will benefit from the use of our Remote Learning Edition, as will teachers who have already been working in virtual environments before the pandemic forced a change to the classroom environment.

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New Teacher Induction


The digiCOACH Research Team in partnership with California State University San Bernardino: College of Education has developed and implemented protocols and editions that support new teachers as they complete their student teaching or internship and become permanently placed into classrooms.

District, county office, and university support providers use digiCOACH to conduct observations and coach new teachers on their lesson and impact. The new teachers will then create a growth plan within the digiCOACH system that is informed by the digiCOACH observational data.


  • California State University San Bernardino: College of Education
  • San Bernardino County Superintendent or Schools
  • Riverside County Office of Education
  • Westside Union School District

Preparing Students for College


Oxnard Union High School District adopted digiCOACH under Dr. Gabe Soumakian's leadership during the 2012-13 school year. After rolling out digiCOACH with a custom edition informed by the districts WASC findings, Kathleen Beckham, former AVID® District Director at Oxnard UHSD, expressed her interest in developing an edition of digiCOACH to support the implementation of WICOR® strategies school-wide. digiCOACH worked with WICOR® experts from Oxnard UHSD to develop our College Prep Edition. Oxnard HS's graduation rates have outpaced the rest of the district since implementing digiCOACH to grow the use of WICOR® strategies school-wide.

Click here for a closer look at the College Prep edition and how digiCOACH is supporting WICOR® strategies school-wide at Oxnard High School.


  • Oxnard Union High School District
  • Oxnard High School

AVID and WICOR are registered trademarks of AVID.

Supporting Inclusive Practices Grant


digiCOACH is excited to partner with Riverside and El Dorado County Offices of Education to serve as the data collection tool for the Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) grant, facilitated by the California Department of Education, Special Education Division. SIP grant recipients across 30 different Californian districts are using digiCOACH to support teachers and collect data in Pre-K through third grade classrooms on best inclusive practices.


  • Riverside County Office of Education - Kristin Brooks, Seema Kutty
  • El Dorado County Office of Education - Kevin Schaefer

Supporting Literacy with CALI Reads


CALI Reads is a 5-year project to improve literacy outcomes for adolescent students, especially students with disabilities. digiCOACH has been implemented as a literacy support in 27 middle schools throughout the state of California. Teachers, administrators, and coaches provided as part of the CALI Reads grant at nine districts and district consortia across California are using digiCOACH to conduct self reflections, peer walkthroughs, and coaching sessions aligned with grant professional development and literacy strategies. CALI Reads is funded by the Office of Special Education in partnership with the California Department of Education, Special Education Division.


Incarcerated Youth Facilities


Three Division of Juvenile Justice high schools across California as well as juvenile halls and long term incarceration camps in Los Angeles County are now using digiCOACH to support instruction of incarcerated youth and young adults. The digiCOACH Team is proud to be included in the work taking place at these facilities and are excited to help some of the most neediest individuals in classrooms today.


  • California Education Authority (DJJ)
  • Los Angeles County Office of Education

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