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Install digiCOACH

Start by installing the free digiCOACH app on your phone or tablet. Click below to install on your device.


Once you have the app installed, log into the guest account using the following email and password.

Password: explore

Please note, it takes around 90 seconds for the one time, initial login process to complete. Please keep your device unlocked and digiCOACH on screen while the spinning wheel icon is displayed.

Start a Walkthrough

Once you have logged in, tap the green New Walk button and select a teacher, subject, and grade. Next, tap Start Walkthrough to begin.

Swipe left and right to navigate the look-fors, and tap on the skip button to mark a look-for as observed or not observed.

Provide feedback to teachers by tapping on the Feedback button and then insert strategies and coaching tips into the email to reinforce instructional strategies or offer suggestions to teachers.

Watch the video below for more information

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